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Verdict: Wesley Reid has pleaded guilty to animal abuse
April 17, 2014

Wesley Reid has been sentenced to the maximum penalty of up to 4 years in prison for burning a beloved pet.


Reid pleaded guilty to charges of animal abuse and knowingly burning.


On August 26, 2014 Reid poured gasoline onto a pit bull named Zeus, because he believed Zeus’ owner owed him $50. Then he lit a match and dropped it on the dog, who was tied to a fence.


Veterinarians ultimately decided Zeus was too severely burned to survive his injuries. Zeus was humanely euthanized in order to end his pain and suffering.


Reid was on probation for a prior charge of leaving the scene of an accident in St. Louis County at the time of these charges.


In court Thursday, the defendant was offered the opportunity to serve a 120 day shock incarceration in the Missouri Department of Corrections and then serve a term of probation. If that probation was revoked he would have been sentenced to six years. The defendant opted to take the state’s recommendation of four years in prison instead. 

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