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Repeat Offender Found Guilty of Robbing, Shooting Woman
May 05, 2014

Vincent Newman had been out of prison for just over one week.


But on one October evening, he pointed a gun at a young woman and robbed her. And even though she immediately handed over what he wanted, Newman shot her. She was lying defenseless on the ground. The bullet went straight through her arm and lodged in her face.


Now, a jury has unanimously found Newman guilty on all counts against him.


Assistant Circuit Attorney Steve Capizzi presented the facts. It was October 16, 2012. The young woman just stepped off a bus and was walking to her mom’s house in the Compton Heights neighborhood. Newman approached her from behind.


She tried to run, but tripped on her flip-flops. Newman demanded her purse. He took her phone, her tablet, and her cash. She gave him everything. Yet, Newman shot her and took off running.


Thankfully, the victim survived and reported the incident to police. Officers identified Newman as the suspect. The victim’s phone was found inside the home where he was arrested.


Newman already had prior convictions. In 2008, he pleaded guilty to robbery and armed criminal action. The Circuit Attorney's Office asked for him to serve 15 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections. Newman was given three years for the armed criminal action and probation for the robbery.


In 2012, Newman pleaded guilty to the sale of drugs. The Circuit Attorney's Office again asked for 15 years.  Newman was given 120 days in jail, and he served about three months.  He was released from prison and placed on probation on October 6, 2012, just ten days before this robbery.


He’s since been found to be a prior and persistent offender.


On May 1, 2014, Newman was convicted on all counts by a jury. 


His sentencing has been set for June 19. He could face up to life in prison. 

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