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Sean Johnson has been sentenced to 60 years in prison
May 23, 2014

“You won’t do this to me again.”


Those were the words of Sean Johnson right before he shot a school employee who was trying to help him.


Friday, a judge ordered Johnson to spend 60 years in prison for the crime.


It happened in January, 2013. Johnson was a student at the Stevens Institute of Business and Arts. He was unhappy with information he’d gotten about his financial aid. He got mad at the school employee with whom he was discussing his payments. He left and returned later with a pistol.


He pointed the gun and shot the employee in the chest. As he tried to escape, Johnson accidentally shot himself in the stomach. Officers found him lying next to the weapon.


Thankfully, the victim survived. But scars of all kind remain. 


“The defendant’s failure to abide by the laws of society has had a profound impact on the lives of the victim, his family, and everyone associated with that school,” wrote ACA Martin Minnigerode, in court documents. “The victim has suffered physically, emotionally and financially. The members of the school community have had their sense of security forever altered.”


Johnson was no stranger to the law, having four other felony convictions. At the time of these crimes, he was on probation for felony assault. In that case from St. Louis County, Johnson was charged with attempting to slash the neck of a cab driver with a knife.


ACA Minnigerode recommended Johnson spend 60 years in prison. Friday, a judge agreed and sentenced Johnson to two 30 year sentences to be served back-to-back.

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