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Man who severely injured police officer sentenced
July 02, 2014

An officer suffered severe injuries after what should have been a normal traffic stop.


Now, Charles Freeman has been sentenced for the crime.


In June 2013, officers observed Freeman pulling out of a parking lot, squealing the tires. Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but Freeman continued to drive, soon picking up speed. 


Turning onto a busy street, Freeman went into oncoming traffic as he tried to get around vehicles stopped at a red light. He weaved in and out of traffic. Due to Freeman’s dangerous and erratic driving, officers disengaged their pursuit to protect the public and followed at a safe distance.   


Unfortunately, Freeman kept driving dangerously and collided with a police officer at an intersection in the Covenant Blu/Grand Center neighborhood. That officer was responding to another, unrelated call.


The officer suffered serious injuries from being hit, including swelling around the heart, severe concussions and swelling around the brain. The officer was unable to work for three months due to his injuries and still has migraines to this day.


“These types of injuries painfully highlight the dangers posed to our city when criminals are willing to go to any lengths necessary to avoid being apprehended and answering for their behavior,” said Assistant Circuit Attorney Tom Dudash in court documents.


Freeman attempted to escape through the driver’s side window and then through the hatchback. Officers restrained him as he swung violently back at them.


ACA Dudash recommended Freeman serve 15 years in prison.


Monday, Freeman was sentenced to a total of 10 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections for his crimes.

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