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Man sentenced for robbing and sexually assaulting girls, then shooting man at local store
September 24, 2014

The three girls were simply playing outside their house.


They were 16, 15 and 12.


But Donrico Holmes did something unimaginable.


He approached them and pointed a gun, racking it so the girls knew it was loaded. When one of the girls tried to run, he threatened to shoot her.


He ordered them to remove their clothes and he touched them inappropriately.


Then, he robbed them of their cell phones and walked away.


But Holmes was not done terrorizing people that day in July of 2012.


He went to a store in the 2900 block of Newstead. A man, on his way home from work, was also stopping at the store. Holmes again pulled out his gun, saying “You know what’s up.” The victim, too, had a gun. He tried to defend himself, but Holmes opened fire, shooting the victim in the chest.


Now, after being found guilty by a jury, Holmes has been sentenced for these heinous crimes.


“The defendant traumatized four innocent victims and their families and his actions have had and will continue to have a lasting impact,” ACA Jennifer Szczucinski wrote in court documents.


The three girls, ACA Szczucinski wrote, have been profoundly emotionally traumatized by what happened to them. Their family had to move because the girls were too scared to live on their block.


The man who was shot suffered severe physical injuries and missed several months of work, rendering him unable to provide for his family for some time. He can no longer work night shifts out of fear.


“The defendant is a repeated violent offender who is a danger to our community,” ACA Szczuncinski wrote. She detailed Holmes’ previous conviction for assault in the first degree, for which he served 10 years.


ACA Szczuncinski recommended Holmes serve four consecutive life sentences or essentially 120 years in prison for multiple counts of robbery, armed criminal action and sexual abuse.


Friday, Holmes was sentenced to life plus 112 years.  On some of the counts, however, under current statutes, Homes maintains eligibility for parole. Parole eligibility is determined by the Missouri Department of Corrections.  


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