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Man charged for murder in 5200 block of Jamieson
April 06, 2015

Language from Probable Cause Statement: 52XX Jamieson is an apartment building containing four separate units.  The Defendant lives in one of the apartments in that building.  J.P. knows the Defendant, and had been to the Defendant’s apartment before.  Da. S. was also friends with the Defendant.  On April 4, 2015, around 6:15 in the morning, J.P., Da.S., D.S., and another man wanted to go to the Defendant’s apartment to hang out. J.P. knocked on the Defendant’s front door, and on the rear common door, and the Defendant did not answer. D.S. then broke a small pane of glass on the rear common door and opened the door, and all four men entered the building.  D.S. and J.P., who were in front of the other two men, were beginning to walk up the stairs in the common hallway toward the Defendant’s apartment door, which was several feet in front of them.  The Defendant, without saying anything, pointed a semi-automatic handgun out of his door and fired multiple shots. J.P. announced who he was, but the Defendant kept firing shots.  Da.S. and J.P. were both shot, and collapsed inside the building, just in front of the common door.  D.S. was shot multiple times.  He ran outside of the building and collapsed in a nearby alley.  The Defendant then approached J.P., pointed the gun at him, and fired a shot that grazed off J.P.’s face.  The police were called, and the Defendant was arrested on the scene. J.P. was shot in the face, arm, and side. D.S. was shot multiple times in the torso and died as a result of his injuries. Da.S. was shot in the wrist and the abdominal area, and is in critical condition as a result of those injuries.    


*Charges are only accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until the defendant is either found guilty or has pleaded guilty. 

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