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Crime spree that escalated in violence ends with prison time
April 30, 2015

It was a crime spree that victimized nine different people and escalated, each time getting more violent.


Now, the two men responsible will spend years behind bars for the crimes.


Alando Jones and Joseph Robinson were accused in more than a dozen separate charges.


Robinson began his crime spree in November 2013 when he confronted a man and grabbed his phone. When the victim started to follow, Robinson said, “Don’t even think about it.”


Then, in December, W.P. and A.O. came home to find that their house had been broken into and ransacked. Christmas presents under the tree were unwrapped and pilfered through; Alando Jones and Robinson were identified as the ones who stole rings, TVs, a laptop, boots and even a gun.  


Four days after that incident, Jones and Robinson struck again, this time displaying guns and demanding the victim’s items. They ultimately took off with only a pizza.


Later that same day, the defendants approached two juvenile victims at a bus stop, again pulling out guns and demanding property.


A short time later, Robinson and Jones robbed a woman at gunpoint. Then they struck again, robbing yet another person at a bus stop. This time, though, one of them hit the victim in the face with the gun.


Their last robbery was the most violent. The victim was walking home from work when he saw a car pass by. Robinson got out, flashed a gun and pointed it at the victim’s chest. When the victim resisted, Robinson struck him in the face. The force of the blow knocked the victim to the ground and chipped a tooth. When the victim tried to fight back, Jones and Robinson ran, but Robinson turned and fired a shot at the victim.


“Robinson and Jones were on a crime spree that terrorized the citizens of St. Louis,” wrote Assistant Circuit Attorney and Lead Homicide Prosecutor Mary Pat Carl.


Both defendants pleaded guilty to their individual charges in court.


ACA Carl recommended Jones serve 30 years in prison. A judge sentenced him to serve a total of 13 years. ACA Carl recommended Robinson also serve 30 years. A judge sentenced Robinson to 20 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections.  

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