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Jason Carson has been charged with animal abuse
February 25, 2016

Language from the Probable Cause Statement:


"On January 28, 2016, Jill Speicher, City of St. Louis Animal Care and Control supervisor, received an anonymous call informing her that there were neglected and possibly deceased dogs present at 48XX Maffitt Avenue.  Animal Control Officer Ratliff responded to the scene and observed a vacant lot next door to that address with two pens containing four (4) dogs.  Ms. Speicher arrived on the scene and noticed that one male dog was deceased, one male dog was unresponsive and appeared to be convulsing and struggling to breath.  A female dog was emaciated and the fourth male dog was thin.  They determined the defendant was the owner of these four (4) dogs.  The two male dogs passed away January 28, 2016.  The unresponsive dog died from starvation and the thin dog died from an advanced heartworm infection."


*Charges are only accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until the defendant is either found guilty or has pleaded guilty.  

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