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Circuit Attorney's Statement on Former Officer's Guilty Plea
April 06, 2016

Today, a former St. Louis Metropolitan Police Officer pleaded guilty in federal court for an incident that my office discovered and turned over to federal authorities in July 2014. We’re grateful to see a step in the direction of justice in this case.   


Events today should send a message that I will hold people accountable for violating Missouri law regardless of their profession, including prosecutors and police officers.  


I have been pursuing this case vigorously with state and federal law enforcement officials. I am grateful to the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Western District of Missouri and to the Department of Justice for taking this matter so seriously and holding those involved accountable for their actions. 


Prosecutors and the professionals in this office are held to the highest standards, as should all members of law enforcement.  This event should send a serious message to the community that I do not and will not tolerate illegal or unethical conduct in my office under any circumstances.

My life’s work has been to build a high-integrity team of professionals at the Circuit Attorney’s Office and hold all accountable who break the law.  This is our standard in every case. And, events today represent my commitment to justice, regardless of who is involved.


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