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The Community Affairs Bureau (CAB) was established in 2007 and is led by a career prosecutor who is passionate about giving citizens a voice in the criminal justice system.


Every neighborhood in the City of St. Louis has the potential to reduce crime.  Individuals in this community who choose to participate in keeping their neighborhoods safe and hold criminals accountable are the most powerful force in crime prevention and reduction.


A strong partnership among the community, police officers and prosecutors is the best crime-fighting weapon available in the City of St. Louis.  When all the parts of the criminal justice system and community work together to address problems and develop shared solutions, we can achieve long-term crime reduction. 


In neighborhoods across the city, citizens are forming partnerships with the CAB and police and implementing  strategies that are dramatically reducing crime in their communities.  There are many community-based, crime-fighting tools available for community groups who want to form their own safety committees and plans.  Contact the CAB or go to the Neighborhood Ownership Model page to learn more about how to get involved in protecting your neighborhood.